Our current board is structured to recruit and engage alumni, to develop and deliver programs and content, maintain connections to Yale and to sustain the administration of the club. The board typically meets monthly, and supports events and other activities during the month as necessary. We are always looking for current and future board members, so if you are interested, please contact us at triangleyaleclub(at)gmail.com


Current Officer: Dick Ford 

Key Responsibilities: 

  •  Is responsible for the overall organization and operations of the Triangle Yale Club, including the appointment of other officers  
  • Leads succession planning and board recruitment 
  • Assists Treasurer on fiscal responsibility for the club. 
  • Leads board to plan and host programming and events that (a) further the TYC mission and vision, and (b) support professional development, networking, and community-building among alumni in the region  
  • Organizes regular leadership team meetings — whether in person, via phone, or both — to aid in this work. 
  • Acts as the primary liaison/contact with the Yale Alumni Association and other Yale connections 

Time Commitment per month (in hours):  2-4

Board Member Officer: Communications/Social Media 

Current Officer: Denise St. Jean 

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Collect and post past event highlights (photos or summary) to social media 
  • Manage event publicity via Facebook and Twitter 
  • Identify content for e-mail blasts and share with members 
  • Manage RSVPs and keep track of attendees for events posted to social media or e-mail blasts 
  • Coordinate with Treasurer on website communications 

Time Commitment per month (in hours): 2 

Board Member Officer – Service Projects 

Current Officer: Dr. Bonnie Yankaskas 

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Arrange service project for Yale Global Day of  Service 
  • Coordinate with service site the date and time for service project 
  • Write description for communication 
  • Be point person for registration 
  • Meet and greet at site of service 
  • Arrange additional service projects, if there is interest  

Time commitment in hours

  • Monthly – 2 
  • Planning/ arranging Day of Service – 2 
  • Day of service- 4-5 

Board Member Officer – Treasurer 

Current Officer: Suzanne Bartholf DeWitt (transitioning to Mark Ford) 

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Maintain financial records and bookkeeping for the club 
  • Collect funds for events 
  • Complete tax forms 
  • Website Administrator (member records and event calendar) 
  • Maintain records online for club 

Time Commitment per month (in hours): 3-5 

Board Member Officer: Outreach/Recruitment under 30 – open 

Board Member Officer: Outreach/Recruitment 30+ – open 

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Leads TYC networking efforts, promotes the club through personal networks, and identifies/contacts potential new club volunteers and leadership — whether by welcoming new graduates and other Yale alumni to the area, or finding local alumni or other contacts who could serve as club speakers, panelists or venue hosts. 
  • Acts as presiding officer in the president’s absence. 

Time Commitment per month (in hours): 2-3 


Key Responsibilities: 

  • Members at large will work on various project during the year and are invited to participate in monthly board meetings. 
  • Example projects include: 
  • Promoting Yale Book Awards to local high schools. This award recognizes Juniors for special achievement as designated by the school administration.  
  • Overseeing the logistics of planning and executing TYC events (with the support of the leadership team or additional volunteers who may serve as the main champions for particular events). 
  • Marketing planning (analyzing data, making recommendations) 

  Time Commitment: Varies with project