The Triangle Yale Club (TYC) is an independent proactive alumni organization for graduates of Yale University. We are deeply invested in fellowship, community, service, and support for local alumni. We recognize that part of what made the Yale educational experience positive and special was the Yale community itself, and the range of opportunities that such a community of people provides. The TYC wants to bring that sense of community to the club and to alumni in the Triangle. Therefore, the goal of the TYC is to create and maintain a vibrant community of Yale alumni and their families and friends in the Triangle area and Eastern NC, by providing social, service, and educational/cultural opportunities. The TYC will sponsor gatherings, frequent service events, and pathways for networking and mentoring. We encourage and welcome participation by all alumni at any level at which they feel comfortable.

The current Triangle Yale Club Board Members are:

  • Suzanne Bartholf DeWitt  (Calhoun ’97)
  • Dan Schmitt (Pierson ’87)
  • Dick Ford (Timothy Dwight ’68)
  • Denise St. Jean (Ezra Stiles ’14)
  • Dr. Bonnie Yankaskas (YSPH ’73)
  • Paul Hanna ( DIV ’67)

If you would like more information, please contact us.